Roadbooks MDC2024: creation, verification, validation & opening

Perfect roadbooks, without any mistakes, are crucial to a rally. And at the MDC we have prided ourselves for years on the quality of the stages and thus the roadbooks. But they don't come naturally. Months of intensive preparation work precede them. Sporting director Jean-Claude Kaket and his team therefore leave on 7 September for a first reconnaissance to Morocco. This is followed by a second reconnaissance in November, after which the roadbooks are further finalised over the winter. In February, a large team, including 2 professional navigators, returns a third time to validate the roadbooks. And finally, a few days before the start of the rally, the opening car, during our previous edition with none other than top navigator Fabian Lurquin, will drive the entire route one last time. That way, each stage is driven and checked no less than 4 times and we can be sure that the roadbooks are completely correct.

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