Jes Munk has victory in sight

There are still two days to go, but if nothing strange happens, Jes Munk - with an hour's lead – will grab the victory in the Morocco Desert Challenge in the overall car category. However, the Dane is cautious. The same applies to the Belgian Marc Lauwers, who has a two-hour margin on Godfried Lintjens in the ssv-ranking. Ed Wigman and Mike van Eikeren crashed their Ford into a ravine in the sixth stage.

Jes Munk: "I have rallied on the motor for many years, then with a SSV and now for the second year with a Toyota Hilux, but the three can not be compared in any way. You sometimes hear people say that if you have the feeling of riding in the dunes with the motorbike, it is the same with the car, but I do not agree. The feeling is completely different. With the bike you have a 360 degree view, in the car it is like looking through a tube. Certainly in the dunes that is sometimes quite difficult. But we have come through well.

We have been very steady through this rally so far. We do not go too fast, we do not make crazy things, made little mistakes. I just love driving in the desert. We are really here to have fun and that is also the most important thing. I believe that is the most important ingedrient to ultimately have a good result. It is difficult to remain calm in the car and to avoid losing the possible victory. Every day I promise myself to keep calm, but once the helmet goes on I have forgotten everything I had planned. Fortunately my navigator Rafal Marton keeps me sharp. He knows exactly where to hit me if I do not behave.

I approach it day by day and I do not really want to think about the victory. It is still possible that I lose ten hours tomorrow. It is only finished at the finish line."

Marc Lauwers: "We drove a little at safe today with a view to the classification. We also stopped for a while because the communication system in our helmets did not work and that had to be fixed. I'm driving at pace, but I still want to secure that two-hour lead. In the dunes we have overtaken the Bastion Toyota of Maik Willems. That came flying by later with more than 140 kms. Yesterday we drove very hard to expand our lead. Now it is a matter of consolidating and not making mistakes."

Ed Wigmans: "Well, what happened? We drove on a fast gravel path and there was a big hole, that we hit. And then suddenly we were on our roof in a ravine. It was quite a blow. We were delivered back to the bivouac at the back of the trailer with Peter Erren of the Van Ham team. We have to see if it can still be repaired."

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