Safety first

A real race, but with the Safety First principle

The subtitle of Morocco Desert Challenge is not ‘Extreme rally raid’ by coincidence. After all it is a race against the clock, with long and challenging distances through rough terrain and weather conditions that aren’t very forgiving. Therefore safety is our N° 1 priority.

Better safe than sorry

Administrative and technical scrutineering

Strict scrutineering of all vehicles reduces the risks. Morocco Desert Challenge does not come under the rules of FIA and FIM, but does use the similar safety conditions. This means for example that cars in all rally categories have to equipped with a decent roll cage, the right belts and chairs. Keep in mind that it is for your own safety and thus your own pleasure.

GPS & Sentinel warning system

MDC uses the Sentinel system for letting other competitors know you are approaching and want to pass. Overtaking on a track isn’t without risk by itself, but when (for example) a fast car wants to pass a slower motorbike the risks are even higher. The sound and flash signals of the Sentinel reduce the risk substantially. The Sentinel will also give a warning to approaching competitors when a vehicle is standing still on the track, for example behind a turn or a dune.

More info about the sentinel, the GPS, their installation etc.

Iritrack Tracking and communication system

Iritrack monitors your GPS location and speed automatically, sending an alert to the PC course if your vehicle stops, takes a big hit or experiences an inclination. Besides that, it is possible to communicate with the organization.

More info about the Iritrack, the installation etc.

Two to three helicopters, 4×4 ambulances and a big medical team

In cases of emergency and when medical assistance is needed the MDC organisation has two helicopters and a number of 4×4 ambulances at its disposal. The ambulances are placed at strategic points along the route. Both the helicopters and the ambulances are manned with medical staff. In the medical team are trauma surgeons, anaesthetists, qualified emergency nurses and specialised physiotherapists of different nationalities and with experience in these kind of circumstances.

A massive fleet of 8 sweeper trucks

We leave no man or vehicle behind in the desert. In none of previous editions we have left a single competitor to fend for himself. Every stranded vehicle has been recovered and brought back safely to the bivouac. The heroes on duty are the crew of our fleet of sweepers: a number of heavy duty MAN KAT trucks of all kinds: 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 who bring everyone back to safety.

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.