New for 2024: mandatory exercise stress test for all participants

Rally-raid is a physically demanding sport, and the desert environment in which you practice this sport places significant stress on your body. To ensure the safety of yourself and other participants, not only must your vehicle meet various safety requirements, but you should also come as well-prepared as possible.

Why the exercise stress test?

In recent years, we have frequently seen participants push their bodies to the limit, and sometimes beyond. In some of these cases, our medical teams even had to intervene to protect these participants from harm. That's why we've decided to make the exercise stress test mandatory for all participants starting from the 2024 edition, just as it is already a requirement for FIM and FIA license holders. This stress test, or ergometry, examines whether there are heart rhythm disorders when you engage in strenuous physical activity or if you may have coronary artery narrowing. Furthermore, the test provides a clear assessment of your overall physical condition.

What does the test involve?

During a certain period, typically around fifteen minutes, you exert effort. In most cases, this is in the form of a bicycle test or cyclo-ergometry, where resistance is gradually increased. Your heart rate is continuously monitored during the test using an electrocardiogram. Additionally, your heart rate and blood pressure are monitored, as well as any potential symptoms such as chest pain.

Where can I get this test done?

Your general practitioner can refer you to specialized centers where you can have the test performed. Be sure to specify that it's for sports-related purposes.

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