Roadbooks are ready & the final reconnaissance is coming up

The hard work is done. After 3 reconnaissance trips of many weeks and many months of computer work by Jean-Claude Kaket & Mimie, the road books of the MDC2018 are ready for their final checks. Next week a team of 10 people and 5 cars will leave to Morocco to start the final checks. Besides myself and my Sports Director, Jean-Marie Lurquin and Charly Gotlib will also join the team. Both of them are internationally known top-navigators with respectively 19 and 29 Dakars at the palmares. The reconnaissance adventure can be followed from February 20th at https://www.facebook.com/moroccodesertchallenge/

Here are some amazing statistics about the creation of our road books:

  • Total number of kilometres driven during the preparations: 17356 km
  • Digitalizing the rally & raid road books: 900 working hours
  • Number of drawings/boxes in the roadbook: 3897 (rally) and 1889 (raid)
  • Total number of GPS tracks (rally, raid, medics, sweepers, assistance, etc): 323

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