‘The most advanced vehicle at the start’ - Interview with Godfried Lintjens and Erik Klomp, De Lind

As the number 2 on the starting list of the ssv’s one might expect quite something of the Dutch duo Godfried Lintjens and Erik Klomp. They do cherish some expectations themselves for this Morocco Desert Challenge. “But we also know that making plans is easy, but to make them work is something different”, Lintjens tells.

So, what is their plan? Lintjens has adapted and rebuilt the Can-Am Maverick himself, based on his three earlier entries and the experience he gained. “I don’t dare to say it is better, but it certainly is different, well-balanced and - I do dare to say – the most advanced vehicle at the start of this class. The plan is to make a good time in the prologue and thus get a good starting position for the first real stage, and then continue to grab some time every day. But we do realize anything unexpected can happen in an event like this, especially things beyond our control.”

To get the best out of the ssv Litjens teamed up with Erik Klomp, who competed on the bike before. For Klomp it is the first time as a copilot. “A new challenge”, he says. “The biggest change is that I will have to tell what I see in the roadbook. As a bike rider you do everything yourself: you see the notes and you act in the same moment. But as a copilot you can’t act yourself.”

“But we are both bike riders by nature”, Lintjens adds. “So I don’t expect any problems. On the contrary: I think it is an advantage to have the experience as a bike rider. I believe we are a good couple.”

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