‘The result is not the most important’ - Maik Willems & Rob van Pelt, Bastion Hotels Team

Finishing in second last year is of no meaning anymore for Maik Willems at the start of the new edition of the Morocco Desert Challenge. Success of the past is no guarantee for success in the future. “The result is not the most important”, the captain of the Bastion Hotels Team says. “Our main goal for this event is to enjoy. Of course, I will not let go when the top 3 is possible and when there is a chance of winning, I will certainly try, but it is not the first thing on my mind.”

Notwithstanding the fact that the Dutchman has a semi-professional Overdrive Toyota and a few Dakar Rallies of experience in his pocket, Willems does not want to put any pressure on. “MDC is not the event to have pressure. The ambiance is too relaxed for that. Compared to, for example, the Dakar there is no stress and hurrying, and no liaisons. All there is is getting out of your tent in the morning, get in the car and take off for the special stage immediately.

A few hours of very nice driving there is ‘our mom’s lunch break, and then some more driving. That moment of rest is so important and a real gift. At the same time the stages are beautiful and challenging enough. So, we are going to have fun and then the result will come anyway.”

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.