‘Don’t look at the others’ - Maikel Smits

After an impressive debut in the Dakar Rally last January, Maikel Smits is one of the favourites to win the Morocco Desert Challenge. On the starting list, he has two experiences Belgians (Olivier Scheen and Gilles Vanderweyen) in front, because of their good results in previous MDC’s, with whom he will have to compete. “They probably have more experience than I have and I expect them to be faster in at least the first few days”, tells Smits. “But I also know that I shouldn’t look at the others, do my own thing, and certainly don’t let them push me.”

Since his return from South America Smits worked hard on fitness, but did not ride his bike that often. “I will have to get used to the feeling and get into a rhythm again the first two days. The strategy is to start easily. I know how many stones and rocks Morocco has and I do not want to make stupid mistakes. I rather enjoy the ride and make it to the finish in one piece than to force to win.”

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