‘The more equal, the better’ - Gert Huzink, Rob Buursen & Martin Roesink

With at least five candidates for victory, the competition in the truck category is stronger than ever. That makes Gert Huzink happy. “The more competition and the more equal, the better”, the Riwald driver says. “That’s one of the best things of the Morocco Desert Challenge: it’s very friendly and relaxed, but the heat is on in the race. We will certainly try to be part of the battle as we are one of those five candidates for victory.”

Both the Renault and the crew are ready for it, as far as Huzink is concerned. Each one of the men have a lot of experience and as a trio, they fulfilled the last Dakar Rally as the best Dutch truck. “We know each other well as a team and that is be very important when you aim at a good result”, Huzink believes. “As for the truck we made a few important improvements after the Dakar: in the engine and the software but we also changed the type of suspension bars. The truck reacts differently but in theory, it should be stronger. We have to test it to see if that is true, and there is no better way for testing than a serious rally with strong competition.”

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