Michael Becx wins prologue with cars (NED/Mitjet) and defending champion Tomas Ourednicek abandons race (CZE/ Ford Ranger South Racing)

Michael Becx “Because this car is not built for rally raids like this one, I was a bit scared about the stones and rocks, but it went well. The final part was ideal for us: 25 kilometres flat out on the beach, that is what this buggy is made for. It was not a hard stage, nor too long – just 77 kilometres – but it had everything in it. There were so many water crossings, and deep ones too, that my pockets were soaking wet. To get used to everything again, this was a perfect stage. Nice for a starter, with a good result as well.”

Tomas Ourednicek “I was so happy to be back here after the winning last year. Everything was perfect during the stage, it was a wonderful one, one of the best we could dream of, but just a few meters before the finish line it turned very badly. When the car began to flip, I crossed my arms thinking that it will stopped quickly, but it did not… When it finally ended, I saw that David was ok and could get out of the car easily. I turned off the engine and went out too, I am glad that we are fine tonight. I am celebrating life even if my heart is broken, just like the car… I cannot think of the future for the moment but I still want to stay in the rally just to enjoy the atmosphere and Morocco.”

Pelle Moens, winner in SSV (NED/Can-Am) “Everything is wet in the vehicle, we lost the navigation because of the water during the last 40 kilometres! Anyway, it was a very nice opening stage. Last year we were beginners and could not finish the race because we broke something in the sand and had to give up. This year we are here for the price! And to enjoy of course… I have the best navigator with me, it was tricky at some point but we managed to finish first. It is a very good beginning!”

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