Morocco Desert Challenge postponed

With pain in our hearts we had to decide to postpone the next edition of the Morocco Desert Challenge once again. The persistent bad corona figures in many countries, the obligatory quarantine on return and the many logistical problems such as the limited transport options to and from Morocco today are just a few reasons.

But the main reason is ... "ethics". When countries are in lock down, when everyone is advised not to travel, when many companies and healthcare system are in crisis and when the whole world is fighting to get the virus down, we as an organization - and many of our participants - think this moment is not appropriate to get together with 1300 people from 28 countries to race and to have fun.

The vaccine is ready and the vaccination campaigns will soon be running at full speed. So there is a bright light shing at the end of the tunnel. Just a little more patience and we can organize the rally-raid in which we can find our values: competition on the race track, friendship and fun in the bivouac.

Thank you for your support and understanding. All will be better soon and we will meet in beautiful Morocco from 16-25 September 2021.

Hang in there; all together.

So much looking forward to see you shine again

Gert Duson

Organizer Morocco Desert Challenge

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